The Bucky
The Bucky
The Bucky

The Bucky

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ATTENTION: I often use the term "best girl" and “doll”, if you would rather I did not please include that and other details in the 'notes for candeur' on the cart page.
"Now you know there was a man named James Barnes and he saved me, in every way that a person can be saved."
A handwritten, comfort letter (A5) by yours truly but from our favourite soldier, Bucky (in real time, so post show). Each one can be personalised and comes with a small (2x3) photo (sticker) of the man himself and pressed flowers taped on the page.
Letter: the original letter.
Collage: includes a collage art poem in the corner, as seen in the second photo.
Homesick: comes with a collage poem, random character sticker, romantic token, rose petals, and the original letter with the photo sticker.
Summer Love Affair: includes a playlist (with eight songs), butterfly bookmark, print, reusable book post envelope, three random character stickers, (A6) craft notebook, rose petals, and the original letter with photo sticker (as seen in the last photo).
Bundle: a small illustration of the shield to colour in, an (A6) craft notebook with the first couple of pages filled in by Steve Rogers and Bucky, a blind date with a book, and the original letter with the photo sticker.
The pictures are displayed for illustration purpose only, items received may vary.
Please note: we do not accept returns or exchanges, as stated in our terms and conditions, so to place an order assents this. As these letters are personalised, once an order is placed it cannot be cancelled either.